Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cache of comments found

A fellow ex-employee has handed me a nice big file of comments he once had on his site. They were about Jesse Sartain. I will post them below. This will be ugly, but it should be fun to read. Maybe I will clean it up sometime.

Steve said
Question about Jesse Sartain

Hey, I saw an a job ad for Jesse Sartain's company. Curious as to what your problem with the company or him might be. Thanks!

Pat Johnson said

Hi, I saw an ad for his company as well. What is up with him? I was going to respond to an ad for marketing they posted. Thanks for any insight....

sick of jesse said
I hate him

Jesse is an irresponsible jerk. All he does is threaten all his employees with being fired to get them to work harder. He is madly in love with himself, and any time he is criticize, he mentions something he did, and is like "i ran a publishing company with 500 employees, don't tell me what to do!" I'd post my name but I don't want a lawsuit from the arrogant jerk

fred williams said

Well, I worked for the guy for a while. No respect, I told him off in as few words. Then, I called his bluff and walked. His process is intimidation, and just like you said...threats. I would almost like to file a class action, for harassment. FW.

questions said

is there any other information you could give about jesse sartain He just hired me to run operations in his berkley office and after reading these comments it makes me wonder... any and as much info you could give would be great. thx j

arconea said

Don't work for him. I have a friend who just spent an hour telling me how this guy humiliated his employees and made them cry in front of the whole staff. This friend also told me Sartain is real racist asshole too. Stay the hell away from his company.

idea said

How many people have worked for jesse? if you have, leave a little note here with 'your story'

Stella said
A Sartain survivor

I worked for him for 6 of the longest months of my life. During those 6 months, he changed my job title & responsibilities 2 times. Tried to do it a 3rd time, but I turned in my two weeks...alot more than that what he gave the 10+ employees who he fired during my time in his Hell. My last day there, he had the nerve to tell me that he felt, "...that we never really bonded." Duh! Feeling like you can be the next one to get fired is not a healthy work environment. Oh, I was pregnant soon after he hired me...he'd probably have had me fired too if he wasn't afraid of getting sued. He was (and probably still) a !@#$%*. All the employees were told that it was the law that we had to punch in and out EVERYTIME that we left the building...even to go to the bathroom. HELLO!!! Pregnant woman here! Yea, we was such a jerk. We weren't paid for our overtime....He'd give us the time that we put in back, at his convenience of course. Other employees used to pray that his airplane would crash and that he'd die...Now that's what you call hate. **DON'T EVER WORK FOR JESSE SARTAIN IF YOU LIKE YOURSELF.**

questions said

Wow, Im sorry to hear all this, one question though how was the pay? I'm supposed to start July 30, and the only reason was for the money, i figure if its that bad I would just stay a bit long enough to pay off bills and then find something else. He seems a bit loopy! is his operation legit or does it all seem shady? -j

answers said

The pay is good. he does take forever to pay overtime, and he does it as a seperate check.

digusted said

when i worked there employees only lasted 2 weeks

digusted said

when i worked there employees only lasted 2 weeks

Glad to be gone said

To Questions: I hope you observed his behavior well today,your first day. I advise that you continue to look for another job! Do NOT work for Jesse Sartain. He is the worst employer that anyone could ever work for. He is extremely rude, racist and arrogant. I worked for him for about four months. I recently quit. He is the weirdest person you could ever meet. it is hard to explain him. The average employee lasts two weeks. When I worked for him my title changed more than 5 times, and everyday my responsibilties changed. It is an unhealthy environment to work in - if you respect yourself, get out NOW!!

in case you still have doubts...

Yes, he really IS that bad. I lasted about 6 months with Sartain and he is everything bad you've heard and WORSE. Racist, selfish, inhuman, inconsiderate, abusive, and just plain EVIL. If you're thinking you can last just a few weeks for the money, THINK AGAIN. If you have feelings (what human doesn't) you won't last 3 days(which is, by the way, the average length most employees last--no kidding!). I think of myself as one of the most easygoing guys there is and he even brought ME to the brink of violence against him. Trust me, folks, that's saying alot. I suppose the most ridiculous thing about Jesse is how he claims to be a Buddhist. Are you friggin kidding me? His very behavior is the exact opposite! And let's not forget all the illegal and unethical business practices he tries to pull off on a daily basis. First, let's start with his business name. I think he's been going under the name 'The Sartain Group' officially for less than a year. This is because he got rid of the name AMMS, Inc.(which was NEVER an incorporation) because he owed the City of Berkely money for never registering the business. So, his solution was to get rid of the name AMMS, Inc., change the bank accounts and payroll to list the business as The Sartain Group. Very nice, Mr. Sartain, very nice, indeed. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that he puts both himself AND his wife on the payroll (his wife, by the way, got paid for a full 80 hrs. a week when she worked an average of 0...yes folks, that's illegal). And, of course, he gives himself a paycheck out of his own bank account for tax purposes. touche, Mr. Sartain! Another shrewd business move. So, you may be wondering, does his business actually make money? Not even close. It is, in fact, literally hemmoraging cash like a stuck pig. So how does the business stay afloat? Well, it comes from Jesse. This money is part of a deal in which he sold his former business for a large sum of money. Money that he will only probably see a portion of since the person who bought it from him is no longer paying him and is suing him over a trademark issue. So, you still want to work for him? Sure, go ahead. Just leave your soul at the door and you should be fine.

SO glad im out said

I was in your shoes. I took a position in his company to be able to pay off all my debt and i thought it was a good move. BOY WAS I WRONG. I WORKED WAY TO MANY HOURS TO COUNT I ENDED UP GETTING SO SICK I COULD BARELY FUNCTION BUT I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE A DAY OFF I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE MY SEAT BECAUSE HE WOULD FREAK IF I WENT OT THE BATHROOM. GOD FORBID I WAS SO SICK I COULD NOT EVEN WALK HE WAS CALLING ME CALLING ME I MEAN HARRASING ME . HE IS A RACIST SEXIST BASTARD THAT HAS NO RIGHT TO EVEN EMPLOY NO ONE. I am still very tramitized form my experience and if i had the funds i would have sued his ass for how i was treated and how he treats his employees. I got so sick ( and every that knew can attest to this). We all barely ate, we barely slept, we were all walking on pins and needles. Dont like your life like that. In the time I was there about 10 people came and went most only stayed a day a few made the two week marks. Sad to say he claims to be a buddist and pray to him and live by him because he got sick or some bull shit. My ass.. He is a satanict muthereffer who takes pleasure out of making people work like animals and take his verbal abuse. I bet if he could beat us he would have. He was very abusive and he talks shit to other employees about his employees. All the comment you have read here are true. Please do not think we are all a bunch bitter people because we are not. Satain ( I mean Sartain) has brought this out in us. Everyone I worked with were great people just thinking they can better themselves with what he "offered" , they all have great qork ethics especially if they all stayed so long. Ohh yes one thing no one has mentioned. He does offer health insurance but in the time we were there he never "got around to giving it to us" he never offered it and had no intention on offering it. If you have a job stay there. If you have other opportunities take them. I am now with a great company that does appreiciate my talents, on all levels. Good Luck.... Please thing about it if you have already started quit while you still have the upper hand.. IF he fires you just walk he does fight the unemployment people file so dont give him anythign to go by and if he does fire you make sre you complain to the employment board. I am sure they have a huge file on him already.

more exciting tidbits said
Satan lives

Oh, some more things I forgot... He lists his wife as the CFO of the company. Why? Because women who own their own business get a tax writeoff. Does she have any say in the company whatsoever? Hell no. Then, here's one of my favorites: On more occasions than one, he has given his employees a salary that he wished he had not. Unfortunately for him, they all sign agreements with his signature stating what date they will begin making the new wage. One case in particular, he gave a girl a wage that he decided a month or so later was too much. How did he handle this problem? Simple. He fired her. But why did he say he fired her? So-called 'problems' with her performance at work. Since he claims the office is an 'at-will' employment company, he can fire someone for whatever reason he wants(as long as it 'sounds' legal). I know that he fired her, however, because of her wage because it came up a few times in conversation. He originally thought that a mistake had been made to where her wages were increased more than he had agreed to; that was until I showed him the employment agreement, signed BY HIM, giving her the wage she was making. He then had the fucking NERVE to accuse her of doctoring the wage agreement. What a jackoff! Oh well, when you have someone making more than you like, just fire them!

time to act said
Let's Get Him

Okay, just spent two weeks with the man, and he is obviously breaking Labor laws and business laws hourly. I'm not going to bitch about it, you've all been there.... So now, I'm going to the Labor Board, the BBB, and Berkeley PD, possibly Berkeley City Council. I also intend to retain the services of an attorney. This may go class action, but I will need grievances of those involved. So PLEASE, anybody with any "evidence," contact me at Also, anybody with any legal or tactical advise, you are also encouraged to contact. Jesse more than once referred to himself as the "dragon." Well, I think it's about time to slay the dragon.

Another ex-Sartain employee said
Man, is this still going on?

Good old Jesse, still pursuing the sound business practice of firing his employees at a rate of about two a week. My advice to anyone with a job offer from him is to keep on looking, no matter how desparate you might be.


There must be a way we can all expose him! Any suggestions?

frustrated said

Update on the contracts: Jesse Sartain does not sign them.

time for action said
Still Looking for Witnesses

I'm still looking for anybody with incriminating evidence, so that we may expose him and take him down. Jesse Sartain should never be able to hire anybody ever again. Haven't enough people suffered? There's too many people out there who still might have to go through all this... Somebody has to do something. So once again, if you have any evidence, or at least will make a statement, send it to:

Reign Over Sartain said
He's Satan if you take out the R and the I

Wow- I thought that after I had my lawyer come after him- he'd stop this insanity! I worked for Jesse for 4 months out of my life. I was his so-called Human Resources Director. My title changed a good four times while I was there. The racist bastard would have me do a scale of 1 to 10 on how ghetto a person sounded over the phone. He hated people with any type of accent. During the time I was there, I lost weight,lost sleep, and miscarried my child, and finally at the end almost beat his ass and his wife's. The things that went on at that company were horrible and the only reason I stayed- like most of us- was because of the money. I almost hate to admit that I was one of his favorites and that's the worst thing to be. It seems he treats you shittier and shittier the longer you stay. The last straw was when he fired my best friend because he had her mixed up with another employee. It felt good to tear that office up! Those who were there know what I'm talking about. I currently have a case against him. I know I probably won't get any money, but I want his ass his nasty ass wife on the digital camera shots that he forgot to erase. :( STAY AWAY FROM THE SARTAIN GROUP!! UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HELL IS LIKE!!! JESSE IS THE DEVIL!!Can you believe this fucker once told me to humble myself before him??? WHAT???! FUCK YOU JESSE SARTAIN! KISS MY BLACK HUMBLE ASS!!!

This has to be the same guy... said

Four words about him.... have another drink Jesse

action man said
Keep it coming

I've been getting quite a response from y'all as far as the evidence goes. keep it coming, because things are heating up! I can't believe some of you lasted so long; i was there 2 weeks and i'm already going for the jugular. i could also use the names of some of the lawyers that are already in litigation with jesse, so maybe we could go class action... it would help to use a lawyer that is already familiar with satan and the business.

Where do I Begin said
There's way too much to say about Satan

There is way too much to say about that racist inconsiderate bastard. I experienced so much in the short time that I worked for him, I dont know where to begin. One time he was so desperate for employees that he went to stores to hire people - So they quit their job where he met them because they thought that it was a better paying job. But he could never pay anyone enough for all of the things that they have to deal with working for him. He once went into a store and offered a young lady money if she would "marry his brother in law" in Brazil. How illegal is that? He has made degrading remarks about his employees to some of his potential clients. I was in the office once and he told a client that "he would never hire interns again. That they were too hard to teach. That he had a bimbo, a dummy and a gay boy in his office." He had an employee that was planning her wedding and he made an assumption that she would not be capable of doing her job. He slowly started to complain that she wasn't working at 100%. Luckily for her she quit before he fired her. He told an employee that he would "never hire anyone ethnic again, because thye just dotn work out. HE CLAIMS TO BE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER - MY ASS!! What the person above said about him not hiring anyone with an accent is all too true. I had to turn down many applicants because they had an accent, or they came in and they were "ghetto". But those people were lucky to get away. He claims to pay all his bills on time - YAH RIGHT!! He never pays his bills on time. He never wants to sign any checks. When it comes to paying his employess, if you dont have direct deposit - who knows when he will sign your paycheck. He once told me to "grow up" because the real world was going to crush me. We got into numerous arguments because I wanted to get paid on time. Anyways, wanna make a quit $20,000? Just report him to the labor board - He doesnt have any of the EOE/minimum wage posters up! And thats just the beginning...

action man said

it's me again, the headhunter. Just to let you all know, a full report has been made to the Dept. of Industrial Relations (Labor Board), and an inspection is expected to begin this coming week. With all of you guys' help, we just might be able to take him down. But I don't have all the tools alone; if we are really serious about this, we all need to come together and set out with all the guns blazing!

So glad im out of there said

He used to tell me how "you people" meaning latin people worked so much better then all other ethnic groups.. FUCK YOU ASS HOLE....I remember when he told someone he looked like a jungle monkey because of the way he was dressed.. I have known so many of us report him and as yet nothing has happened. What will be diffrent now?

headhunter said

how have you all reported him? i know of more than one lawsuit against the man, but as far as the governmet agencies that enforce businesses, what has been reported, and to whom?

Complete Selfish Bastard

My husband worked for this freak of nature for about 3 weeks. In that time, he was promoted and demoted at least 4 times. Jesse Sartain is an ignorant, selfish pig who does NOT deserve the riches of owning his own business. Plenty of hardworking Americans work their asses off, and make 1/4 of what this jerk makes. May his Mercedes crash, his home burn, and may the "Dragon" be exiled from Buddhism, where he most certainly is not a fit member. Though he thinks himself "sly and quick", in reality, the man is a DUMBASS! He polutes everything he touches, and even though he tries to manipulate people, he's too clueless. I met the man once and can testify with this one brief meeting just how selfish, ignorant, self-praising, and downright annoying he truly is. And he has the attention span of a gnat on speed!!

observer said

His only real talent is hustling people

fuck jesse said

So I have a horror story of my own. I worked for Satan for 3 months. I was straight out of college (as were most my coworkers) and thought I was SO LUCKY to have a $13/hr job. And I got a raise within 2-3 weeks. within a month or so, I was promoted to Research Director. The guy who I replaced was promoted to Marketing Director, a title that did not exist before him. Thi guy, by the way, had only worked there a week longer than I. I got married about 2 weeks into working there, and he gave me $100 gift. I thought I was so lucky... I was wrong. In my 3 months span, I saw 15-20 people come and go. Most were fired. I, in fact, was fired. He said it was becase the people in my department (all 2 of them) were out-performing me, the manager, and this was based on those stupid fucking daily report bullshits. And that I was sick too much, which was not true. I was sick a few times, but what was I supposed to do? Come in and get yelled at when I was miserable and ill? NO thank you. I seriously doubt that was the real reason I was fired. I was one of his most valuable employees. It really had to do with money. One afternoon he took his assistant to lunch at Downtown. He called over the Mtk. Director and told him they had a serious problem: needed to finish the bottle of wine. Then after he went over there, called us back. We ended up locking up the office and all joining them and he ordered some wine and we all drank and talked for the rest of the afternoon. It was actually kinda nice. At a certain point, he askes 2-3 of us to leave and the remaining 4 of us at the table are left to meet...he tells us (this was in October, btw) that if we were still there in January, he would raise our salaries to 40k/year. One of the people he offered this to was only making $20k, so that's a hell of a raise. He had a sign on his door saying that we needed to get all offers in writing. So that was a Friday and the Next Tuesday, I typed up a memo on our behalf with all 4 of our names on it and faxed it to him. He called back and asked the other employees who wrote it, and they were honest. Needless to say that he never signed it and the rest of the week he said I wasn't doing my job and started changing his mind (as usual) about what kind of research we were allegedly supposed to be doing the whole time. Research, my ass! It was more like telemarketing and fucking shady as hell. The following Monday I was fired, but I was ready to quit by that Friday and was already interviewing for other jobs. I should have known something was up when I was hired and didn't even meet the boss until my 3rd day. And the first Friday I was there was one employees last day and another employee quit earlier that week. I took spare time to write a research manual for this ass...while I was on hold doing "research" no less...working my ass off...and he fires I deleted the manual from every computer, made the other people with a copy promise to 'lose it' and took the master files with's my intellectual property. If you really want shit against him, I have more ammo. Also the office manager for the time I was there has TONS...she cleared up his personal tax shit and was treated like crap...e-mail me and I'll try to put you in contact.

fuck jesse said

I forgot something. word to the wise...Jesse Sartain is hardline sales oriented, but he's just a glorified hustler with very few people skills and he's completely unable to manage his business. I was able to cary out instructions as I was given, which is a task in and of itself. The had a knack for sort of knowing what he wanted, but not communicating it. In 1 1/2 years of the business being in existence, I was the 42nd employee on a staff of 8. At the time of my dismissal, I was the 2nd most tenured employee, the most tenured having been hired the week before me. And most of his employees are unable to cary out their jobs because their responsibilities change daily. Some abuses of his power: making an employee take care of selling his motor home, asking same employee to look into disputable credit card charges, ALL OF WHICH WERE PORNOGRAPHY, using an employee to clear his personal tax troubles, using same employees computer over the weekend to look at porn (adult friend finder always poped up on her screen after that), making multiple employees (including myself) cry for his own sick pleasure, using a former summer employee's student discount to purchase an expensive program (instead of paying full price), making lewd comments about former employees and sometimes current employees to other employees), accusing employees of tampering with the server for no reason, and I think this has to be illegal, telling other employees that he's going to fire one employee and why...isn't that slander or something? I'd go into more, but I'm sure my former coworkers (who I still keep in touch's like were war vets!) who actually experienced some of the stuff I heard 2nd hand could tell you more...


Jesse Sartain (SATAN) has posted another job posting on craigslist!!( September 6, 2004) We need to BAN him from doing this! If you happen to read this....DO NOT WORK FOR HIM!!! HE IS THE WORST EMPLOYER EVER!!! HE IS A SCAM ARTIST!!!

So glad to be out said

I just saw his posting. How can he be banned form posting on CL??? He needs to be stopped. I thought he was out of money. Hay Headhunter any word from the Labor Board. He should have his Employer ID taken from him. FUCK HIM.. I STILL HAVE FLASH BACKS. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

lucy said

lucy said

i heard his favorite site is

curious said
Did he finally get evicted?

So did the crazy old bastard get evicted from shattuck square?

Yes he got evicted

Yes he did. Wanted me to move his company with 4 days notice. I was his last GM as of this past Wednesday when he walked into the office and fired me. I refused to write out checks both personal and business because I knew the money wasn't in the bank. When he proceeded to tell me about what Dick Gregory really meant talking about N-I-G-(ya'll know the rest of the word) I stopped him and told him not to go there. Of course I got yelled at for interrupting him but I told him not to continue that line and hung up the phone. The next day when he fired me saying I didn't have the commitment, he told me that he would write me a raving reference. I stopped in tracks, started laughing at this stupid pitful little man and told him,"I have one of the world's richest families on file for my references and he thinks his words is going to get me my next job? How stupid are you really?" That day my assistant resigned, he called her a thief(she never had any access to anything) then he fired the one person who tried to hang in there that night. Yeah, what goes around comes around and he can Berkeley for SF and the place he supposedly made all this money but he will not get away from all this lawsuits.

fuck jesse said

That's music to my eyes....fuck jesse!

happy said

ha! he was probably offended by the fact that you didn't think his reference was the best thing in the world. I'm glad to hear that he was kicked out. I wonder who he blamed for everything...I can't wait for all the companies who he had contracts with to start demanding refunds...

burger & beer said

Let me assure everyone that the Labor Board is hot on his trail. And, they WILL follow him from Berkeley to SF. The State of California is not impressed with his tactics- i.e. not paying employees on time, bouncing paychecks, statements of liable told from one employee to another, racial comments, sexist comments, demanding 10 hour days with no overtime pay. Oh, has he been turned in!!!! And, his lastest stunt! Jesse and three employees went to dinner recently. Jesse through a real temper tantrum because no one would listen to him. He picked up his hamburger and smashed it on his own forehead. He then proceeded to pick up his glass of beer and pour it over his head. Very classy, Jesse. Very classy. Is this the type of person you really want to wotk for? There is no job security w/ The Sartain Group. Jesse had the opportunity recently to work with some very talented people, and none of us made it more than two weeks. And, I for one am so happy to be out.

waiting for him to hit bottom said

He moved the sartain group to SF? This is very interesting...his website hasn't been updated yet. I can't figure out just where in the world he gets the money from to bankroll his business. When I was there, all the company ever did was hemorage money left and right - employees not being paid, etc.

Jesse's Head is Up His Ass said

It is nice to see so many other survivors who feel the same as I do. I hoped that it wasn't just me who thought he was a jerk, incapable of running his or any business. As people have said, he could barely run a bath let alone a business. The guy was the worst employer I have ever had. One minute he was praising my work, and the next minute he was asking for my resignation. In the course of my first 6 business days I got a promotion one day, a raise the next, on the third day I made "employee of the week" (which he never issued before), the next day he said I was the best employee he ever had and offered to let me manage one of his Cordon Rouge offices in London, and a $52,000 salary to stay on; then on Monday (My 6th Day) he asked for my resignation because I answered the phone when I was alone in the office. Talk about mixed signals, this guy has a major malfunction with his moods. He apologized and was going to let me stay on, unfortunately I wanted no part of his abuses and personal attacks so I quit. I advise everyone to stay away from this guy; no ammount of money he offers will turn out to be worth it. Besides, even if he does promise a big salary chances are he will revise it or the checks will bounce or not be signed. I HAVE SEEN IT MANY TIMES BEFORE!!! JOB SEEKERS BEWARE!!!

From SF said
He's the worst !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup! we're at 211 Sutter and he's lost it again - can't someone get this idiot on mood stabilizers...oh no, I forgot just get him another bottle of wine. I'm so tired of hearing him scream at his attorney, his mortgage company, his landlord, his creditors - the employment agencies won't even work with him anymore - because he NEVER pays his bills. He yells and screams at us costantly -CONSTANTLY. He's borrowing money from every loan shark he can find.

puzzled.. said

how in the world is he able to conduct business? Has his wife left him yet? What I'm wondering is how my w-2 is going to work... I don't want the IRS to audit me because there isn't any record of where my salary came from... Headhunter...what ever happened w/ the labor board? You've seemed to drop of the face of the earth...

FYI said
Tax Info.

Jesse is NOT conducting business - he's conducting abuse. Anyone who rec'd money from Sartain should be concerned. For those of you who were paid as independent contractors, remember that you will have to send the IRS a check for 15% of what you earned. For those of us who were paid as employees, Jesse has until Jan. 31 to mail out the tax documents. According to my account, we have to make sure he has our current addresses. Be sure you document every conversation you have with him or anyone at The Sartain Group. The new phone number is 415.989.8200. If you don't receive a W-2, report him to the Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento - ditto the IRS. This should cover you in case of an audit.


About three weeks ago he offered me the GM position with more money than I could imagine; this, after I waited two hours for a five-minute 2nd interview, I got stood up for the 3rd and it took five days to re-schedule, and then that one was moved around three times (and when it did happen I got dragged around Berkeley to the bank, etc, to watch them conduct business while waiting for him to get to the point - OK, yes, by then it was just my foolish belief in people that kept me from walking away), and I was actually interviewing for a completely different position. Gotta admit, I was tempted, REALLY tempted. He wanted an answer in less than 24 hours, but because of the move, I couldn't get him to take my calls. I faxed a list of questions I had (about responsibilities, priorities, company goals, etc) that I needed answered before I walked away from what I was already doing, and called to confirm they'd received the fax. That was the last contact I had with 'em. After I waited 24 hours to hear from them - they, who wanted an answer from ME quickly - I decided that this company was just too messed up for me, and went with another company that had made me an offer at about the same time. Only two days after I made that decision did I find this page (which, BTW, he mentioned in the interview, but passed it off as some sort of bullshit site by one hacker). I don't pat myself on the back often, but I'm doin' it now. Damn am I glad I made the decision I did...

October Surprise said
Give It Up, Jessie !

He must have offered you the position right after he dumped his entire staff (early Oct.) Didn't have the money to pay anyone on time. Employees and creditors literally waited outside the door and at a restaurant across the street for their checks. Jesse always talks big titles (someone walks in the door and he makes them a VP) and big money (his usual is $1,000/wk) - but, he's nothing but a very sick manipulator. He has no business, no money & no credability. In May, he ran up a bill for tens of thousands of dollars at a major Chicago hotel and didn't make payment so they hauled his pitiful little self into collection/court....wake up Jessie! It's OVER! Do the Bay Area a favor and move to Rio. On second thought, better check with your brother-in-law first, and be sure to wear your rib protector.

ALL Employees - Present & Past

Now, we all know that he reads this site - he's obsessed with it - he told me about it before he hired me...said he was going to file suit against the internet, and actually paid someone to take the site down. This is a perfect opportunity to send Jesse a personal message - let him know how you feel.

amused said

What I find terribly funny is that a bunch of luncheon invites he sent out once had the "do a jesse sartain" google search tagline on them.... HA! this is the 2nd thing that would have come up... Speaking of taxes..he paid us overtime as a seperate check from we just give a flat 15% for that too? Also, how much do we give to berkeley & the state of ca.? Jesse I say...grow up.

still married... said

His brother-in-law? I think his wife only stays for the money. except her idea of 'staying' is retreating to brazil for weeks at a time. Probably has a boy toy down there

FYI said
Taxes & The Grapevine

If you were paid as an employee rather than as an independent contractor, The Sartain Group will probably report only the payroll. Just make sure you have a W-2 to submit on April 15th. Same for the Franchise Tax Board - I'm not sure about the City of Berkeley. You can always call a tax service (i.e. H&R Block)to clarify. Now, for the grapevine news - apparently Jesse and his brother-in-law got into a fight recently in Rio- Jesse ended up with a couple of broken ribs & tried to pass it off as a dancing accident. Did y'all know that he was a professional dancer? Yea, right Jesse. Hey, Jesse, send me your brother-in-laws address, I want to send him a letter of appreciation for a job well done.

freakazoid said
Come on Jesse, post something

Come on Jesse, post something in here. We dare you. respond to these accusations. It's a free site, let's see that amazing wordsmith inside you. Bah, who are we kidding, he can't even check his meail, let alone post a comment.

skeptic said

As a compliment to Mr. Sartain, I believe that I have never met anybody with a greater ability to create bullsh**.

wowzer said

Haven't been on this site for awhile. all I can say is..WOW. Yeah, I was a 'GM' for awhile. Don't know how I lasted as long as I did. I actually managed to get out of that Berkeley office on good terms. Mainly because I am an adult, UNLIKE JESSE who is, in reality, a child. I can't believe he wanted to 'sue the internet' and 'pay someone to take this site down'. That's hilarious. He also once demanded someone to get him on the phone with Michael Dell when he was having a computer problem. "Hey, I'm Jesse Sartain. He'll talk to me!!!" Yes, Jesse, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers, is going to take time out of his schedule and talk to you about your computer problem. Maybe while you're at it you can get on the horn with Donald Trump. Hey, there's an idea: Jesse Sartain could be a contestant on "The Apprentice". Now that's entertainment. I'm tuning in for that one! It's just a shame to see all the damage and abuse he's shelled out over the years. I feel for anyone that he's caused pain, sleepless nights, and overall stress in any given day. It's just not worth it. But, looking back, I just feel sorry for the goofy bastard. I mean, we can all look back and laugh over a few beers. Jesse still has to go on every day being Jesse. That just sucks.

yah right said
Oh Please...

Jesse, a dancer? yah...we all know that isnt true. Just like we all know that he ISNT Hawaiian and he DIDNT grow up in a hair salon... plays that gay roll a little too well though. We all know that you DIDNT grow up in a restaurant either you fucking liar! Just like all of your scams to get money from other companies because they wont sponsor your dumb ass fuckin projects in the first place!!! The whole Firehouse Fund and the Jessica Project.... that money isnt for to help your scamming @ss! You are incredibly selfish and so full of yourself. How can you claim to be Buddist if you LIE OUT OF YOUR ASS!! You use every excuse in the book to make yourself look good. No one gives a damn who the hell you are Jesse, face it! You cant call someone and expect them to drop everything and talk to you because you are Jesse Sartain...when your people call to get you appointments or invite chefs, you really wanna know what the people on the other end say when they hear The Sartain Group, American Executive Leadership Conference, AMMS Global or Cordon Rouge World Society? They laugh...they hang up...they ask, "Is this another one of Jesse Sartain's events? No thank you!"..."Jesse Sartain? I hate that guy"..."you work for Jesse? Good luck"...Give it up Jesse....SF is gonna be after you and kick you out faster than Berkeley.

watch out said
Surrounding companies beware...

Companies around the new office on the corner of Kearny and Sutter beware. Jesse Sartain is known to walk into stores and recruit employees who he finds to be "good sales people". He's done it before at Office Depot and Radio Shack! He has hired people from those stores by offering them a higher pay rate and commision! But he sets the goals for commision too high so that no one can earn it, and he doesnt pay you on time. Either way, he could never pay you enough to work for him. He once went in to a Radio Shack and offered one of their young lady employees money to marry his brother in law. Isnt that illegal? Why yes it is!! Tell all of your employees to stay away from this guy...hes EVIL..hes SArTAiN!

amused said

I think one of my favorite Jesse experiences was when all the payroll checks bounced because he used the company account to go out and buy a motorcycle.

no longer sick of jesse said
You were the GM?

I thought I was! Oh wait, I think every employee that passes through there is a GM at some point. If not that, a director of something, or a VP. Oh and all of these important executive positions include cleaning Jesse's house at some point. And if you are good enough at vacuuming, he will give you his $1000/hr sales training.

I'm glad that I'm not Jesse's girl... said

Just another tidbit. I remember how Rosimai used to be on the payroll on salary for 52k a year. Most of that was earned by sitting at a desk for 2 hours or so browsing plastic surgery sites for the boob and/or ass job she wanted. That's money well spent.

what? said
she did work?

When I was there she made her 52k a year doing a full days work talking to all of our clients in Brazil!

Snoop Dawg said
Applebees...Eatin' good in da hood, yo!

Was anyone there when he told the group that Applebee's slogan, "Eatin' Good in The Neighborhood" was targeted at black people. It was supposed to remind them of "Eatin' Good in Da Hood." Then he asked to employees (who were black, of course) if they've ever eaten there. The guy is so fucking stupid he doesn't see whats screwed up about that. many stories...

Snoop Dawg said

I meant 'two' employees and not 'to'. I know you can figure that out but I didn't want to be accused of being as ignorant as Jesse.

Gay Beach House

And, I'm sure you've all heard that he's buying a little beach house in Rio for his favorite guy. Anyone want to guess who?


Ali G sez: "Yo, dis joint be da shiiznit, yo! Big up to my main man Jesse S! Eatin' Good in Da Hood...West Siiiide!"

VonGuard from Hulver's site said
The Continuing Jesse Sartain Drama

Well.... Jesse Sartain lives. Ick.He's in San Francisco now, though. Beware....

Ouch! said
Thank God He Moved from Shattuck Square

I have worked in the Shattuck square office where you poor people would come in 10 at a time at least once a week to interview. More people have walked in and out of that office than I have ever seen. I've overheard his rants, his bullshit, his yelling and screaming at employees, employees yelling and screaming at him. It was a nightmare. Seriously, someone needs to do something to burn his ass. He deserves it. His moving out of our building was the best thing to happen there for the rest of us. During the last few weeks, I overheard him telling a black woman in Subway that she was the racist one. Give me a break. Someone ought to bitch-slap that motherfucker.

amazed said
A few thoughts on the '''''''dragon'''''''

I always wondered what the neighbors thought. What always struck me as funny was the fact that there were several local 'crazy' people that wondered the streets. I'm sure everyone else who worked around shattuck considered Jesse one of them. Are you reading this jesse? You are no more impressive than the people wandering the streets of berkeley, yelling crazy talk at the top of their lungs. No, you are lower than they. You whine like a spoiled little girl who just had her dolly taken away, even though you have so much. All I'm saying is that the people around you have no respect for you. Your only skill in life is spewing crap from your mouth. Ever see the movie 'liar liar'? I wonder how long you would last if you went a week without lying. Better yet, put a collar on you that shocks you everytime you lose your temper. It would be like the south park episode where cartman gets shocked everytime he curses. HA! Jesse sartain was just another crazy person wondering the streets of 'bezerkley'. But now that you are in SF, why don't you go down to the Castro district and see what is thought of your 'european' style of dress? (More like tacky 'wannabe' dress). The more I think about it, the more I realize that jesse is completely insecure. He is never content with being himself. He just runs around, trying to dress like he is a european aristocrat, yells at people thinking that is how an important, 'driven' executive acts professionaly, and buys toys so others think him rich - the only richness he has is his wife's credit rating, and she is just waiting for him to have a coronary so she can reap the rewards.

angry said

Why we kept coming in like that? $$$$$$$$$$$$ Jesse was offering so much! How can you not look into that? He was thinking he was attracting the biggest and the brightest... Now that he is SF, does he actually ever show up for work? When he was in Berkeley, it would take him all day to get ready to come in for 30 minutes...

fuck jesse said
i'm back with another story

My husband works all over the east bay and on Friday he had occasion to be in the office for Saags Meats in Oakland. He's waiting around for the contact person and sees an award on the wall...Gold Medal Award for some food council or something...and who's name was at the bottom? Yes, Jesse Sartain. Jesse Sartain, Chairman with a big ass gold seal on it. The funniest part is that it was a big fancy frame, nicely matted, and had 3 pages, lists of important people or something, that was the same page 3 times! And of course Jesse's name is HUGE. My hubby had to practically shove his hand in his mouth not to fall over laughing. And it was displayed so prominently too! He almost suggested to the secretary that Sartain was a fraud and they should probably take it down, but it was really not his place to. Oh man, I WISH I would have seen that...I would have told them exactly what a sham it husband swears that if he ever bumps into him he's gonna beat the shit out of him on general principal.

sick of Jesse said

All talk, no walk. The dragon doesn't exist. Why doesn't he reply once in awhile? No balls, that's all I have to say.

amused said
the infamous Jesse Google search

You can't even find The Sartain Group website via google. Nor the American Executive Leadership Council, AMMS Global, Living Search, Firehouse thingie, or anything.

amused said

I mean American Executive Leadership Conference. Now that is a joke.

unbelievable said

On the Sartain Group website there is a link to his “business philosophy”: CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility. It reads: “CSR is multi-dimensional. It starts with a deep caring for employees— clearly they are the core of our endeavors. Caring for them, training them, looking out for them in our manufacturing, in our kitchens and in our business environment is a must. Our customers, our clientele will expect flawless ethics in all of our dealings. Anything less will invite negative consequences.” Can you believe this guy?


What does being a chef - albeit with Sartain it would be in name only- have to do with Executive Leadership. Never could figure that one. Jesse always said what he was selling was "air". He just hasn't figured out yet that most of his clients, customers and associates have him figured out - they know he doesn't deliver, that he has a serious drinking problem and bipolar mood swings, and that the "air" he's selling is something their not buying. Jesse you are such a creep!!


He is such a sad, pitiful individual.


Jesse will die with a terrible conscience.

Yet another ex-Sartain employee said
Um, you might want to take down that link...

I just looked at "The Sartain Group" web site to see what Jesse is up to these days. After reading through most of the site, I still can't figure out extactly what it is they're selling. I also notice that it has a link to the Google search for his name, which brings up this site as the #2 hit. Good thinking Jesse, you're deifinitely going to want all of your potential clients to read through a web site with 70+ entries of vicious slander, most of which is probably true given what I saw in my brief stint at the American Tasting Insitute (wait, that's Awards of the Americas. No, wait, it's American Culinary Insitute. No, wait, it's Quality Institute International. No, wait, it's...)


I also went to the Sartain Group website to see what the Sartain group is about ( it sounded like a scam). From everything I saw and everything I have just read I am convienced that Jesse and all of his companies are out to scam people. I feel very sorry for all of the people that that have crossed his evil path. He sounds like an ass! I will pass the word to my colleages to beware.

a former high level executive said

Yeah it's alot of gas. My favorite gassy moment was when he offered to conduct 1/2 long unpaid, extra sales trainings for any employee interested, and that he usually charges $1000/hr for it. Maybe if it was Bill Gates.

David said

I worked for this guy for almost one year in the early 90's in their 25 Kearny Street location. It was then operating (?) under two guises: "Chefs in America Foundation" and "Cuisine Publications". In the course of 12-months I probably have about a hundred amusing anecdotes but I've tried so very hard to obliterate the guy from my memory. I think that anybody that ever worked for Jesse probably has a special kindred spirit - sorta like folks who were shacked up at the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam probably will always have an unspoken code between them... I travelled on a couple of ten-city tours with him. He would always plan for us to get in late the night before a show so the worker bees (usually two of us) could work into it was almost light arrabning the "event". We used to drag around 60 or 70 splintery wooden easles which would hold the vendor name. While we were doing this Jesse was invariably at some sleazoid strip joint. On the day of the show Jesse would get drunk and make a fool of himself then we would always be in a complete rush to get a flight back to SF that night. He used to have a pot dealer up in the Castro, and twice he dispatched me to pick up his stash. A special memory was riding back downtown on the then 8-Market bus with a stinkin brown bag. I attracted quite a crowd around me. Another was meeting some hooker he had picked up in St Louis at SFO with a thousand bucks cash (natch')and driving her to his place on California & Polk. By then end of my sentence I was basically his Office Manager, although I had been thru about 5 titles that year. People were calling all the time screaming for there W2's (it was April) which, of course, were nowhere to be found. Happy Days...


Further Slander said
Another peice of Jesse's past

A look deeper into the Google search on Jesse turned up this little gem from his past. Sounds like he was pretty much the same guy back in Hawaii:

impatient said

When will the day come when he finally runs out of money, and he is done, forever? Or is thrown in jail? The time he knocked over a business associate in the streets of berkeley I thought was it.

Former peon said

Well all i can say is it gives me a shiver (and a bit of a hoot) to see all these stories re: La Sartain on the Internet. I worked for him in the early 90's for a couple years (I see some of my colleagues here!)and it's all true. I was fresh from the East Coast and was also very grateful to receive such a high paying job at what was "Cuisine Publications/Chefs in America" at the time. This was the Kearney st office, which it looks like he has returned to...I stuck it out for a while and managed to get some useful experience, but the sensation of filth that stuck to me after leaving that office was too offputting after a while. He had just flown in his Brazilian wife at the time and lost his mother--things like that would fool you into thinking the guy was human, but clearly there's something missing. He asked me to buy weed too, I declined. He pretty much kept his distance from me--I like to think it was because I offered somewhat useful editorial skills--but the insanity and ugliness he gave face to were beyond offensive. He reminds me of a carpetbagger from the 1870s or something. Apprently his stumpy legs are due to a hobbling given him by some criminal at some point. I know various disguntled employees have trashed his office. And he used to take money from chefs for very shady deals that did or didn't take place. I did my best to do the work I was assigned and left when I got something legit. Yes, there was a funky gay/bi vibe about him. He liked to regal his 'inner circle' with his story about picking up a trans hooker, like he was such a sexual warrior. Oy. Well, it's sad to see that The Great Satan hasn't changed his ways, and sadder still to see that so many other folks have fallen prey to him, especially in these financially strapped times. I wonder what will make him see the light, as it were? Apparently the photo ops with the Dalai Lama havent done the trick. : 0 Don't work for Jesse Sartain. Peace out.


Wow! I can't believe all this....but I know it's true...I dated Jessie in high school a couple of times only....a sex addict. He was quite scarrey then! That was in 1964! It's so sad in a way....I looked him up on the internet...thought he was a great chef, Buddist, living in Brazil with his beautiful with a trophy house in the background...I was happy he'd made it! Well, good luck to you all.....He seems like a miserable man now....He had a funny family, a good young boy's life....makes me wonder what changes people into monsters!?! Sad....

David said

One of the more special moments in the work day was when all of us (in the early 90's I think there were about 10-12 at any time...) would be beavering away, Jesse nowhere to be seen, and then...The Phone would ring.... One of Jesse's great examples of executive leadership was to sit at home (probably stark naked...eewwww!), get completely wasted, and then phone in to the office to harass everybody, somewhat systematically. Believe me, the utter nadir of any such day was hearing the overhead speaker utter forth "David - Jesse's on line two!". What followed would typically be a somewhat less than Six Sigma management berating for an average of five minutes. The rest of the office would be in a state of paralysis awaiting their turn on The Phone... "Tammy - Jesse on line two", and so on and so forth. Does this till happen? Can a dopehead, emotional cripple really change their spots? Pray tell.

Same 'ole thing

In answer to your question, David, Jesse is still calling from home - drunk - and harassing each of his employees. What he doesn't get is that all of us have read this site - and, while he yelling we're laughing....he's so out of it he probably doesn't even hear it. Just here to collect the pay check!! The man is a total pervert.

I Miss Bongo Burger :( said

Ok--So I know everyone has their war stories, but has any action been taken against him?

tgb said

God help me, I was his VP of sales back on Kearney St. for about a year and a half - strictly for the money, of course. By the time I was done I was an alcoholic (Jesse liked me as a drinking partner - he always wanted me to go to Bangkok with him on a "sex trip"), weighed 350 lbs and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I have lived in Arizona for over 10 years, but in spite of that, he still calls periodically to get me to come back to work for him. Two calls today alone, which prompted a Google search just to see what he was up to. That led me here, and what memories these stories bring back!

well? said

Well dragon slayer - did any of your attempts to get jesse succeed? I personally feel that this web page alone has helped bring him down - seeing it grow during the summer, and seeing the people applying and the business contacts dry up...marvelous.

Sick of Jesse said

Whats the word from the labor boards. Jan is coming fast should we call ASAP to the Tax board to let them know the situation or what.. GASP I thought it was over when I left. I still have really bad flash backs. I am now at a great job with Super people. But still Miss all my coworkers that became freinds. I can honestly say that was a good thing of working there. He is just lucky we all got paid on time cause I know a few of us would have trashed his spot if we did not. People please do not work for this man. He is racist and abuses eveyone. I was really sick and the two days out of half a year i was there that I took off he would constantly call and call and call. I should sue his ass for why I got laid off, but it would be a waste because he has no $$$$$$. I just want to see his in dirt. Hay Jesse stop looking at porn and reply to all you see hear. Aint you the big bad Jesse Sartain. You are just a looser fucker.

Realist said

Jesse has no testicular fortitude, and as such, will never post on this site. He may check it every day, but he would never post. Some of the things on here he may have written, but would never take credit. For all his rage, and all his hot air, he is totally at the mercy of the button click that would put his reply on this site. He can't do it. Taunt him all you want, post your horror story, but don't expect a reply from that run-out, used up, dirty old man.

what happened? said

What happened to this web page? For a while it seemed as if people /survivors were posting their comments everyday. Then it just stopped. Just wondering what happened...


the site was down for awhile...

the moment of truth

...will be here soon. Will we get our w2's?


No one knows better than i what a raving lunatic SArTAiN is. I worked for that asshole on Kearney Street and 211 Sutter. Worst 2 years of my life. I have stories that no one would even believ. The guy is not only psyshotic but he obviously has Bi-Polar Disorder. The guy is not only an alcoholic but a figgin drug addict. Hey, does anyone know if that poor baby Jessica is still living in Vallejo with the animal???


How about that pig's disgusting wardrobe!!! in his sick, pathetic mind, he actually thinks he looks good. If only he knew what a complete ass he truly looked like. The best part about those $5.00 suits (actually the most disgusting) is how the pants go up his ass crack. PLEASE KEEP ON THE FUCKING JACKET!!!!


Just a word to the wise, when you meet him what you see is what you get. It is very obvious so trust your instincts.


Sometimes though, when you first meet the jackass, I've seen him be sweet as pie. He'll do anything he has to just to get people to work for him. Unfortunately, after he bribes them with a decent salary, people don't find out what the fucker is really like until he abuses, humiliates and intimidates the shit out of them. NEVER WORK FOR THE ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!

ugh! said

Well, that time of year is coming up, and we survivors of The Satan Group 2004 are going to have to attempt to get our W2's from the jerkoff. Not looking forward to it. I don't want to have to result to calling the office(if there even still IS and office to call) for it. I know that any business is required to mail out all their W2's by the end of January. We'll see what happens. My address hasn't changed, so he can't use that excuse.


I worked for that raving asshole back in the days on Kearney Street. I can't begin to tell you the shit he pulled. The 2nd day I was there "Dickhead" called one of his usual bull shit "staff meetings". During the middle of this pathetic meeting he called Rosimai into the office. She came in and sat down next to the prick. He turns to her and says "RUB MY FEET". She took off his shoes and started rubbing the fuckers disgusting feet. That was the beginning of my 2 months of HELL.


Does Arlene Loui still work for him? She was always having nervous breakdowns...


No!!! Thank God Arlene finally got out of there. He treated her like shit!!!!He's such a dum fuck.....the 2-3 people who actually worked for him for more than 6 months (God knows how!!) the asshole should have been on his knees begging them to stay!!!!!!!!!! Too bad he wasn't swept away in the Tsunami while he makes his annual visit to Thailand to fuck his boy toys and the .50 cent whores.

Uh-oh; looks like he's at it again

Posted to Craigslist 1/20/05: I.T. ADMINISTRATOR ON-CALL 24/7 Successful Food & Beverage Marketing firm in San Francisco (near BART) needs 24/7 on-call I.T. Administrator. What would you charge for reliability? (on-site visits required). Position is to support Windows network (up to 15 seats, including one Macintosh) to give maximum uptime. Goldmine and SQL database proficiency and certification preferred. Immediate opening for a flat rate contract – no more than 20 hours per week expected. No phone calls or emails please. Fax resume and three professional references to Brian Miller at (415)989-8220.

scared said

Jesse, it's Tylers mom's friend, e-mail or call her....soon!

JERRY said

Whoever you are, you obviously don't know the real (I dhould say FAKE) Jesse Sartain!! If you actually what the prick to e-mail you or, GOD FORBID call you, you've never had to go through the nightmare of working for the low-lfe asshole!!!! Everything on this website is 100% TRUE!!!! Stay the fuck away from him. He's BI-POLAR and doesn't know what the hell he's doing. It's only a matter of time before the guy is bankrupt and living back on Polk Street. Or better yet, hopefully the mother fucker will be living on the street with all the other junkies.

Jackel Jr. said
Whats up Charles,Jackel Sr., and Steve

Man I cant believe all the crap I went through at this company...The only thing I got out of it was some friends...And believe you me it's not with Jesse. Do Not Work for this man unless you have a thick skin, and no crime history, because believe it if you have a will get worse, you will want to hurt this man!!!!!!!!!!!

shocked said are still working for him? You should have sued him for pushing that day so many months ago.

jesse said
i'm not a bad guy

alex, casey....ask harvey: I am not a bad guy jesse

headhunter said
I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Guess who's back in the mutherfuckin house! This site has gotten very entertaining, yet sad at the same time... how many more have to go through this shit? - - - who wants to make a case? jesse, you WILL go down - and not on a transvestite.

headhunter said

Okay, can anybody provide the name of jesse's attorney? by the way, i was there in october - the infamous mass firing. we all walked on friday afternoon after i (the 24-hour GM) informed the crew that all of our paychecks were going to bounce. there, now the record is straight. it feels good to be part of legend. any film-makers out there, cuz it would be fun to make a movie about the dude.

headhunter said

last comment for tonight. i got my W2. apparently there are several lawsuits going against the fucker, so if y'all wouldn't mind, can we hear more about those? i did write a couple letters to the Labor Board, and was told there was an investigation going, but he's still in business... not sure why or how. anybody have a silver bullet or a wooden stake? no garlic, the guy smells foul enough already. oh, and how many of you have actually seen him running around in only his t-shirt? if you have been a "personal assistant" i know you have!

Don't forget people

You may have already gotten your SARTAIN GROUP W2's, but has anyone gotten their AMMS, Inc. W2's yet? That would be the last name of the company prior to The Sartain Group, his most recent attempt to get out of paying taxes to the City of Berkely and registering his business.


If the PSYCHOTIC PRICK did actually write the message above (VERY DOUBTFUL!!) he had to be in one of his drugged-out states. HE even knows that he's a raving, BI-POLAR, mother-fucker.


For those of you who are even considering taking a job at the so-called Sartain Group ---DON'T!!!!!!!!!! Take a job that pays minimum wage before stepping into that hell-hole!! Not only will his fraudulent paychecks BOUNCE, but EVERY employee gets treated like shit, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


Hey dumbass

So Jesse if that really was you that posted earlier, I hope you don't think 'Alex' or 'Casey' is posting these TRUTHS about you. Honestly, I don't even know who those people are. Honestly, Jesse, do you really think you could guess who's on here posting? You've had so many people on here working for you and who all think you're slime that you could never know. And if you're saying that we should ask 'Alex' or 'Casey' or 'Harvey' or whoever about you, I'll put money on the fact that they feel the exact same way all of us do--YOU ARE SLIME. They just didn't tell you to your face. Don't be a blind fool living in fantasy world. Why on Earth do you think anyone whose worked for you for any given time would have ANYTHING good to say about you?

Hey dumbass

So Jesse if that really was you that posted earlier, I hope you don't think 'Alex' or 'Casey' is posting these TRUTHS about you. Honestly, I don't even know who those people are. Honestly, Jesse, do you really think you could guess who's on here posting? You've had so many people on here working for you and who all think you're slime that you could never know. And if you're saying that we should ask 'Alex' or 'Casey' or 'Harvey' or whoever about you, I'll put money on the fact that they feel the exact same way all of us do--YOU ARE SLIME. They just didn't tell you to your face. Don't be a blind fool living in fantasy world. Why on Earth do you think anyone whose worked for you for any given time would have ANYTHING good to say about you?

It's Official

Jesse Co. has officially ran out of time legally as far as when he needs to mailout all W2's. I'm betting the farm that the W2's for AMMS, Inc. have NOT gone out yet. That's not good. You want to talk about LEGAL troubles? Try messing with the IRS.

sick of jesse said

"i'm not a bad guy" HA! If that really was him....what a pathetic response. I was fully expecting a long, angry response that would be worthy of one of his angry tirades. Anyway... My w2 that I recieved doesn't have any overtime info. I guess I'll just have to call the IRS and ask them what to do about that.

it won't

Your W2 WON'T have any overtime info on it because Jesse doesn't report it. He pays OT out of the bank account-- you know, the account that is never balanced and causes the paychecks to bounce? This is just one of the MANY illegal business practices that Jesse is involved with

:) said

if only I had seen this before I took the job . I Would advise anyone thinking about working for this guy not to. I know we all need and want a good pay check but trust me there are other jobs out there . Dont waist your time .I cant say if all the imformation on this site is true or not ,but what i can say is that from my short experience at THE SARTAIN GROUP that there is truth in the writings that are posted .I have never worked in such an unprofessional enviroment in my life .The management capabilities of jesse are non existence and I am honestly suprised that this man has a business . I think that the only reason that the 2 employees that have been there for more than a month or so are still there because (in the days that I worked there I can already tell you that there are fraudulent activies going on ) there so deep into it that there just trying not to get caught. I feel sorry for them really , I have herd the way that they are talked to the demands put on them and I can say that no job is worth compromising your own dignity and self respect I dont care how good the pay is .


If only ANY of us had seen this before we took the job! I can't find ANYTHING on this website that is not true based on former employee accounts and from my own experiences. Let's face it--Jesse is capable of just about ANYTHING. Why wouldn't you believe it?

Jackel Jr. said
I've seen all of your W2's

When I was working there Nov.,Dec. I saw a stack of w2's just sitting there. I asked him what he wanted too do with them... He acted like it was his total last priority...Take it from me I'm the freshly fired if you have any ?'s ASk them

Butplug said
How'd he fire you/

I quit on him. Best decision I ever made. But I'm curious to hear how he fired you. Hell, I'm curious to hear how he fired everyone here. I'm sure they're interesting stories.

You haven't seen all of our W2's

Those W2's you saw in December were for The Sartain Group. In an attempt to dodge creditors and taxes, Jesse changed the name of the company from AMMS, Inc. to The Sartain Group. The change was also made at ADP. That means, the W2's you saw were for The Sartain Group. The AMMS, Inc. W2's probably haven't even been ordered since Jesse lied to ADP and told them the company is no more. It is, just under a different name.

fuck jesse said
AMMS vs The Sartain Groun

That's hilarious... (I'm back by the way). When I was there in Berkeley July-Nov. 2003 we were The Sartain Group. Mid October, we switched to AMMS, Inc. for some unknown reason...I wasn't privy to the information on why exactly... As far as getting fired, I was fired for allegedly not keeping clean records (bullshit) and not being able to out perform the whoping TWO people in my "department". Excuse me, fucknut, I wrote the fucking researcher manual and god knows how many memos and keep the daily phone records in order WHILE I WAS ON HOLD SOLICITING FOR NAMES! Fucker... Incidentally, I was fired 2 days after my health insurance kicked in and a week or so after he promised us 40k a year over wine at Downtown and we asked for it in writing (like his stupid sign on his office door said). Lame ass, no dick motherfucker...

headhunter said

I think that with all the people here, we might have enough this time to approach a lawyer. Anybody interested, you know the drill... anybody who has already done so, we could use some helpful info. anybody who knows somebody who has gone to an attorney, maybe pass the word to them in case they haven't visited here in a while... As for me, I am going to try to send this link to the BBB, Labor Board, etc. wish me luck!

headhunter said

By the way, I could use the current address of where the Dragon's Lair is, and any business names used ever. We will file a complaint on all of them.

Hell Has a Home

Go to, the location of his fake conference. It has the address. Here's a list of some of his garbage business names as well: AMMS, Inc. The Sartain Group Cordon Rouge Society NAMBLA(North American Man Boy Love Association)

headhunter said
thanks for the address

headhunter said

thanks for the address. i'm sure somebody working there can provide me with a current address, though?

Current Address

AELC.CC Has the current address. 211 Sutter I think. That's where the demon lives now.

Jerry said

That asshole's new address is 211 Sutter Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA It won't be long until he gets kicked out of that place for not paying his rent, PG&E bill, phone bill, etc. If you work for that low-life alcoholic now...GET OUT ASAP. The odds of anyone getting paid by the fucker are one in a million!!!!


I'm surprised that prick hasn't turned to homeless people who live in the Tenderloin to work for him. 99% of people in the Berkeley area and in San Francisco know what a raging psychotic he is. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!!!!!!

W2 Update

So, I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone, but The Satan Group has NOT ordered the W2's for AMMS, Inc. So, any of you out there who worked for the devil at the time it was called AMMS, Inc., you'd better be prepared to contact IRS. I already have. The hammer will be dropped. If there's one organization in the entire world Jesse should not fuck with, rest assured it's the IRS. Have fun, Jesse!

SUSAN said

That fucking SCAM ARTIST will do anything to save a fucking dollar. Do you have any idea how much that asshole owes the IRS??? I'm surprised that prick isn't in jail for tax evasion (plus a few other things). Him calling himself a fucking millionaire -- what a crock of shit. That low-life piece of shit doesn't have a pot to pee in. Everything he has is on loan or owned by the bank.

fuck jesse said

it's very amusing to me that he hasn't found anyone to update that piss poor website for the sartain group...

Jonathan said

I worked for that fucker back in 1999/2000 when he had Awards of the Americas/Chefs America, on Maiden Lane. Let me tell you how he ran one of his famous "NATIONAL JUDGINGS". The best example is this: the fucking scammer had a 'coffee' judging. We'd call 25-30 coffee companies to submit their products to "have a national judging on the 'BEST OF SHOW/GOLD MEDAL WINNER' of all coffees. He'd ask the sales people "okay, which companies were really interested in getting the GOLD MEDAL?" We'd tell him the "hot" ones. Judging day came, Jesse Sartain was the only "National Judge" who tasted the coffee. Miraculously, the companies who were hot for the medal tasted the best. If company #1 didn't accept (for a cost of $16,000/year), he'd offer it to company #2. If company #2 didn't accept he gace the Gold Medal to company #3. THERE WAS NEVER ANY FUCKING NATIONAL JUDGINGS.


I worked for that asshole when it was on Maiden Lane too. Those 'judgings' were FAKE. Any company who wanted to pay the $16,000 would win. The psychotic asshole would conduct these so-called national judgings with 1 or 2 of his 'chef friends' or by himself. Any company who paid,,,.,,,oh, what a surprise-----they won!!!!!

The Hammer Doth Drop

Will be interesting to me to see what comes of this W2 thing. I know for a fact that the IRS has been contacted by more than one employee concerning missing AMMS, Inc. W2's. He will be fined for each reported incident (visit the website Jesse if you don't believe me!). I'm willing to bet that this will tip the IRS off on him for other things as well (like tax evasion....the fact that Jesse changes the business name to avoid paying taxes). I wonder if Jesse has ever once paid taxes on all these 'contracts' that have no real legal binding that he gets companies to sign and collects money from year after year. The funny (and sad) thing to me is the fact that Jesse actually thinks that the companies he hussles every year to go to his stupid Chicago show actually respect him. They just want to be there for the exposure and free stuff. Most of the time, the ones who REALLY know him well know that they can be there without giving him a dime. That's because it's more important for Jesse to look distinguished and important by surrounding himself with important people, even if he has to PAY them to be there. He loses so much money on the Chicago show alone that its a wonder he hasn't lost his house yet. I wonder if Joe Theismann will be there again! Maybe he could get William 'The Fridge' Perry to make a speech. The Fridge loves to eat!

Speaking of the Awards...

What has come of that lawsuit concerning the awards part of his business that he sold to that other guy? You know, the business that he supposedly 'sold' for millions of dollars, only to get a small portion of it. Last I heard, the guy wasn't paying Jesse because he was getting sued for copyright infringement or something. He was, in turn, suing Jesse because Jesse had sold him the 'American Culinary Institute' or something as part of the awards business. Problem is, there is already a "American Culinary Institute" in business, and they have ALOT more money then our friend Jesse. Jesse, savvy businessman that he is, sold the rights to this guy to run the fake awards, though they signed no official contracts; in other words, it was all pretty much done on a handshake. How stupid can you be? Well, pretty stupid, actually.


The idiot got about 2 million from JOHN PARKER (the sap who bought the fraudulent company). But the first million, he paid about $600,000 to the IRS. We all know that he owes a hell of a lot more than that. From what I understand, the two morons are battling it out in court. Who knows where the hell SATAIN is going to get the money for the legal shitl He'll be back in the Tenderloin real soon....begging, borrowing and stealing.

Curious said

What ever happened to Wallison?? Does anybody know?? I know that he was here illegally. Was he shipped back to Brazil? He actually was a great guy. I'm surprised that he didn't beat the shit out of Asshole, seeing how he treated the guy like a frickin' dog!!!

Wallison the Great

Actually, there was an incident at the office (I was not there). Apparently, Jesse said something to Rosimai and Wallison pinned him up against the wall and was about to pound on him. Rosimai had to hold him off. I'd give my left nut to see that.


Hopefully Wallison beat the shit out of the little "bitch". God love him. The way that asshole treated Wallison was horrible. Hopefully soon, he'll do some real damage to SATAN.

Reign Over Sartain said
Can't Believe It

It's so sad that people don't see this before they go apply for a job with Jesse. Everything is true, and sfter the countless suits and investigations against him- he's still at it. I hope no one has tried to get their W2's from him. I've been tryin for 2 months now. The fucker is crazy and he's a fraud. If I don't get my W2 by Thursday I'm fuckin somebody up! And Brian, you're gonna get it if I see you- you're a liar and you work for the devil. I think he used my tax money to buy his self that Miami Vice outfit circa 1982. Biotch!!!

Another fantastic story from Jesse

I remember one morning Jesse had one of his 'power meetings' and gave us some wonderful tidbit of information. He said that Applebee's uses the slogan, "Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood" to attract Black and patrons. Apparently, if you are black or hispanic, you will attribute "the Neighborhood" with "da Hood". He then proceeded to point to his black employees and ask, "Do you eat at Applebees?" That's some top notch information, Jesse. What's your source? The KKK? Strom Thurmond perhaps?

the originator said
poor brian

what a sap. Brian = jesse's punching bag.

Former Research Edotor said
Good to see old pals...

I see that Jonathan has found this site!! I worked with him for Jesse - I hope the Brian I am seeing on this site isn't the one I worked with before I got fired for hanging up on Jesse when he called to scream at me while he was drunk - I did pretty good, though - lasted almost two years - I have TONS of stories about him... I wish I could see Rinchon on this site - the Tibetan monk who was driven to quit, he was an ANGEL and Jesse, well, since I don't want to be crude, Jesse did his usual...

Jessie the great said
Jessie the great

Wow.. I can't believe how infamous he has become. I worked for him back in the spring of 2003 and the office was so disorganized all I did for the last month I was there was play video games all day long. It was one of the best paying jobs I've had for what I was doing.

Goes without saying

Probably goes without saying that it would generally be oen of the best paying jobs for what you are doing for anyone, considering you don't really do anything of real value for Jesse. The only real job requirement is to take his abuse. Everything else is completely meaningless. My job more or less was to listen to his bullshit and help him piss his money away.


Jesse Sartain HAS NEVER been great.He's a drunken, drug addicted little bitch who has to have 100% control over everyone and everything. God forbid someone disagree with the fucker. His veins start to bulge out, face gets red, etc. Hopefully one of these days while he does his usual daily flipping out, his heart will give out on him.

Burn In Hell Sartain!!!!

Whoever wrote: hopefully he'll have a heart attack....RIGHT ON!!!!!! I'd prefer the prick would have an excrutiating, painful incurable desease. Let him suffer before he rots in hell!!!


For those of you who were inquiring about 'Brian', yes, it's Brian Miller, whose been with DICKHEAD for about 4-5 years. From what I understand he's quit several times but somehow the DEVIL bribes him to come back. I don't know why he puts up with that little bitch. Last month,those 2 almost came to blows. I wish Brian would beat the shit out of the fucking little BITCH.

Sartain's BOY TOYS

That prick has little 'Boy Toys' in Thailand Brazil and Brian's his fucking 'Boy Toy' here in the Bay Area. Brian Miller is Sartain's subservient little bitch. It's fucking disgusting. The things those two do is off the hook!!!!!!!


Whatever happened to Rosimai????? Back in the day, when I worked for the asshole on Maiden Lane, his so-called wife wasn't sleeping with him then. He always bragged about his whores in Thailand that he got for "$5.00 American dollars". I guess his so-called whores were little boys. I'm sure he does have a little playmate in the office.

said said

you think jesse (gag me with a pitchfork) is bad u are lucky to have never met his brother Lee in Ft. Myers Fl.What a fucking crack addict, shop-lifting, evicted from his pig-sty, hypocritical bible thumping, fat, no- friends, owes years of child support, ( poor kid ), can't keep a job,lies like a rug, smells like a pig, is living out of his truck, and got a membership at Golds Gym... not to work out, but to shower now and then....yuk! I know lot's of people that would love to send him where his brother is going............hell

kapla said
google #1

finally...after months...this is the #1 site on a google jesse search.

Makes you Wonder...

...if he has taken the "Look me up on Google" claims off of his literature that talks about how great he is that is, of course, written BY HIM.



fargle said
oh no, he's on top again

is he gone or something? no posts here in a while. but he's back on top on google.

fargle said
oh no, he's on top again

is he gone or something? no posts here in a while. but he's back on top on google.

a change! said

I really like the new blue background


KR said

Is anyone still posting to this site? This man is so CRAZY!!! Did you ever attend his training seminar that he had at his $1Mil+ home. He motherf---er lives in Vallejo. Not that Vallejo is gross or anything, but it's not like he lived on Nob Hill. He's so disgusting! He was showing off his sister-in-law's daughter. (I think his sister-in-law's name was Victoria?) The girl was mentally disabled and he adopted her to come to America. Anywho, he showed her off like she was animal in a zoo. Buddist my ass!!! You don't show off your possessions and treat other human beings like crap!!!! I lasted 3 weeks and then called in sick and never went back. Hopefully they will shut him down soon!!!

Nelson Ramirez said

Jesse Sartain is a jack ass i'm not going to put myself in a situation where he can come after me so i'm not going to make any threats or anything. all i know is that we went to vegas and made this jack ass 50,000 or more and he still complains. he still hasn't even paid me and for you past employess who called for your tax shit forget it cause i use to work there and he use to tell me if they call put them off and we'll just forget about them. what a clown

NR said


NR said


But I Wonder

Sure, he MAY have made 50k at Vegas (at least, that's what he told you), but how much did he SPEND on Vegas? I know from experience that Jesse on average spends three times MORE than he actually makes on any event. This, people, is the polar opposite of good business. Jesse is like an idiot trust fund baby who doesn't know what to do with his inheritance.


except a trust fund baby has money to spend...jesse just spends borrowed money and then borrows more to cover the borrowed money...



  1. Make a bitch rich cause the baddest bitch is where it's at.

  2. This Sartain-Clown is now attempting to utilize cheap "Counter SEO" techniques on Google (see in order to hide, or "Push Down" this blog to a lower position, hence, rendering it unnoticeable.

    I worked for Jesse Sartain --- this Scum-Of-The-Earth, Vile Narcissist-Sociopath back in the late 1980's. He's nothing more than a sub-human piece-of-garbage bottom-feeder. He is this way simply because he is too uneducated and ignorant to know any better --- coupled with the fact that he is Mentally Ill. These false blogs on Google are nothing more than Transparently Cheap attempts by the low-budget "Reputation Management" firm that he hired to hide his evil, self-centered, behavior.

    This useless hunk of flesh needs to exit this planet, NOW.

  3. PS...

    Are we to honestly believe that this mental-midget Sartain is now an "Expert" on Global Warming, Energy Conservation, Economic Strategies, et al???

    C'mon. Give us a break, here. The only thing that this noxious scraping off of the bottom of my shoe is capable of being an "Expert" on --- is his ability to see all other humans as mere usable-then-disposable items in his obsessive quest for the furtherance of his own ego-gratification and self-fulfillment. PERIOD.

  4. It blows me away how many people can waste their time and energy putting this guy down. Be it all true or not. Move on !

  5. Hey how can one disgruntled employee have so much time to write all these incidious lies. Boy, did you get angry when you were probably fired. Were you stealing or just a slacker.
    I worked for him and he was the most exciting, kind and generous man I knew.
    Get a life and some help!!

  6. ATI was a real success and is booming today. That was the vision of Jesse Sartain.


  7. RIP Jesse Sartain. Passed away April, 2011

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